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- Millionaire Mo

Emotional state of mind

Adolescent Love Poetry

By: Monique Dennis

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Founder of the Millionaire MOtivationalist brand, Monique Dennis has made it her mission to MOTIVATE a Million people to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. Her passion for public speaking, psychology, and writing has inspired her to break barriers and MOTIVATE others to do the same.

As a published author she uses her writing skills to not only encourage her readers through her artistic creativity but hopes her upcoming self-help books will provide individuals with the steps they need to navigate their journey.  Once a troubled adolescent, Mo uses her own story to influence youth and teens towards education and entrepreneurship through private/group counseling and public speaking. Beyond the business aspect of her life, Mo uses her free time to be active in her community with a focus on how she can help eradicate homelessness.


Millionaire Mo

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Community events

MillionaireMo with Corpus Christi Mayor Paulette Guajardo
#NAACP 52nd Freedom Fund Gala with mayor Paulette Guajardo
MillionaireMo with Dr. Gloria Scott and Allantae McMurry
#NAACP 52nd Freedom Fund Gala with Dr. Gloria Scott and Allantae McMurry of Kris 6 News
MillionaireMo with Kylie Kinnett Cooper
#NAACP 52nd Freedom Fund gala. Kylie Kinnett Cooper, Editorial Director of The Bend Magazine
MLK Day -Fight for Voters Rights in Corpus Christi, TX

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